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Heros In Comics: History Of The Black Panther

The Black Panther debuted back in 1966 in an issue of fantastic four. Black Panther is the first black animated superhero to feature in mainstream American comics. The comic journeyed from Africa to feature in some of the world’s favorite comics featuring in Tales of Suspense (Jan-March 1968) and The Avengers in May 1968. The Black Panther later made guest appearances in other comics that made him a famous superhero.

T’Challa (Black Panther) is the son of a late African King, T’Chaka, of Wakanda nation. After the brutal murder of T’Chaka by a ruthless ivory hunter Ulysses Klaw, after the villain’s attempt to take over the rare Vibranium deposit, T’Challa vowed to seek vengeance for his father’s death. The young prince finally succeeded and avenged his late father.

T’Challa then went abroad to get educated, and he enrolled in some of the best performing schools in America and England. After years of hard work and determination, T’Challa graduated with a degree in physics and returned home where he was supposed to take over the mantle of leadership. To qualify, the young prince was expected to pass two primary tests; get the secret heart-shaped herb that empowered the chieftains to get their powers, and take down six unarmed Wakanda’s greatest warriors. After succeeding in the two largest trials, he has adorned the Black Panther, a superhero for Wakandan people.

Under the leadership of the young prince, Wakanda became one of the most technologically advanced and wealthiest countries on the planet. After T’Challa had met Captain America, he became a member of The Avengers, took a leave from his royal duties, and assumed the role of saving the world. During this quest, Black Panther served among the world’s known Heroes. He later met his apple of the eye by name Monica Lynne, who was a social worker. Upon return to his motherland, T’Challa met his beloved nation in turmoil following his leave of absence. Having being acquainted with American crime fighting method, Panther led his troupes in subduing a revolutionary movement that was led by Killmonger, and revolutionist who intended to take over power from Panther.

After winning the war against Killmonger, he worked hard to restore the nation to its feet and saved it from the isolation that it was in from the rest of the world. His natural strength and physique that were heightened by the heart-shaped herbs administered to Kings during the inauguration helped him through the quest of saving the world and running the kingdom.